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Edmonton Development Permit
    Edmonton Development Permit, Building Permit & Compliance Services    
  Our Permit Services:  
  Edmonton Zoning Bylaw and Code Review  
  Residential Permit  
  Commerical Permit  
  Development Permit  
  Building Permit  
  Edmonton Design Committee (EDC)  
  Development Permit Drawings  
  Building Permit Drawings  
  Edmonton Business License  
  City of Edmonton Permits  
  Surveys and Real Property Reports  
  Development Appeal Board  
  Reports & Brochures  
  Project Management Services:  
  Project Management  
  For Non-Profit Organizations  
  Design Services:  
  Conceptural and Preliminary Design  
  Site and Master Planning  
  Building Design  
  Interior Design  
  Sustainable & LEED Development  
  Graphic Design  
  Marketing Support  
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  Types of Permits  
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Edmonton Development and Building Permits: Residential & Commercial  

Our Development Permits and Building Permits Services:

Our Edmonton permits services include Edmonton development permits, building permits, commercial and residential permits, compliance certificate issues, change of use, basement and deck permits, secondary suite permits, garage suite permit, new buildings, interior renovations, rezoning, appeal board, parking demand reports, design and drafting services and more for the City of Edmonton permits.


Is Your Garage, Deck, Shed, House or structures not Complying with the City of Edmonton Bylaw and Code?

Many structures on your property my not comply with the current Edmonton City Bylaw or code. This is true in many residential properties. If there are any structures in your property not complying with the latest City of Edmonton Bylaw and code, you will have problems when is time to sell your property. At PERMITECH, we have helped many of our clients to complete this compliance process so they can move on and complete the sale of their property.


What is a Compliance Certificate?

The City of Edmonton compliance certificate services is first applied by the customer and then the City will perform a review of the property. A compliance certificate fees will also be required during the application.Generally, a compliance certificate is required during a real estate purchase requested either by the buyer or the buyer’s legal representative. Most buyer will not finalize their purchase agreement until the compliance certificate is completed and the property is proven to conform to the City’s Bylaw and permit regulations

Do I need a Residential Development and Building Permits?

Do I need a Residential Development and Building Permit in Edmonton? Residential permit is not required if you are just doing minor renovation work such as painting (interior or exterior), new wall paper, ceiling finishes, cabinet work or minor mechanical or electrical work. However, in Edmonton, if you are altering any of the house’s structures such as load-bearing walls beams, columns, foundations or any major mechanical or electrical works, adding an addition, new garages, secondary suites, basement, new kitchens, new windows, over sized fences, change of use etc, you will require Edmonton City permits.
Do I need a Commercial Development and Building Permits?

Most new business will require a Development Permit in Edmonton especially wen your business will be operating in a new building or in a vacant space which was never being used. Commercial buisiness can sometime be abit complex process then residential permits. Again, understanding change of use, parking requirements, barrier free design issues etc are important items that you will need to be aware of as all these can affect the success of the Development Permit and Building Permit.
Is Edmonton's Permitting Process Complicated?

If you are not familar with the City's permit review process and the requirements in getting a permit, the process can be complex and time consumming. a permit may require Surveyor, Engineers and Drafting professionals to complete the work. It is important to understand how all these work together and meet the City of Edmonton's current Bylaw and codes. Strategizing and plan the entire process is important to the success of the permits.


The new Boss restaurant in south Edmonton. PERMITECH provided Development Permit and Building Permit services. Learn more >>
Toi Shan Building located near the Edmonton downtown area. PERMITECH provided both Developement Permit and Building Permit services to the project.
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Brandon Court condo. A 3.5 storey walk-up condo in Edmonton downtown area. PERMITECH provided Edmonton Develoment Permit services for the project.
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Royal Alex Plaza. A 4 storey walk-up condo in Edmonton downtown area. PERMITECH provided the design and Edmonton Develoment Permit services for the project.
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Development Permit services was provided to Edmonton's Garden Bakery Restaurant.
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Development Permit services was provided to Centennial Billard in Edmonton.
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Development Permit and Building Permit services were provided to Kingsway Jewellers store in Kingsway Mall in Edmonton.
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