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Edmonton Development Permit
    Edmonton Development Permit and Building Permit Services    
  Our Permit Services:  
  Edmonton Zoning Bylaw and Code Review  
  Residential Permit  
  Commerical Permit  
  Development Permit  
  Building Permit  
  Edmonton Design Committee (EDC)  
  Development Permit Drawings  
  Building Permit Drawings  
  Edmonton Business License  
  City of Edmonton Permits  
  Surveys and Real Property Reports  
  Development Appeal Board  
  Reports & Brochures  
  Project Management Services:  
  Project Management  
  For Non-Profit Organizations  
  Design Services:  
  Conceptural and Preliminary Design  
  Site and Master Planning  
  Building Design  
  Interior Design  
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  Graphic Design  
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Edmonton Development and Building Permits: Residential & Commercial  

Development Permits and Building Permits Services:

Our Edmonton permits services include Edmonton development permits, building permits, commercial and residential permits, change of use, basement and deck permits, secondary suite permits, garage suite permit, new buildings, interior renovations, rezoning, appeal board, parking demand reports, design and drafting services and more for the City of Edmonton permits.

Permitech Recent Updates and Projects  
New Mujosh Retail Store in WEM

Our firm was selected to provide the entire design and drawings for the 700 sq.ft. interior including the City of Edmonton development and building permit services. The project is a change of use. The project is currenty waiting for final building permit approval.
New Capco Takeout Restaurant in Downtown Edmonton Zoned UW

PERMITECH provided complete set of Architectural drawings for the project and completed both the Development Permit and Building Permit. We also negotiated and resolved all code, parking and technical issues with the City of Edmonton on behalf of our client including mechanical permits. Project currently under construction.

New Old Szechuen Restaurant Development Permit and Building Permitt CB2 Zone

PERMITECH is providing design service and all Edmonton Development Permit and Building Permit services for a 1,500 sq.ft. interior renovation project. This old building is over 60 years old with very limited parking stalls. Permitech was able to provided a preliminary design, complete set of design drawings for Development Permit submission, and Development Permit was approved in 3 months.

The project is currently in design development, costing and Building Permit process stage.


South Edmonton 3 Storey Office Building - Design & Rezoning Required from IM to IL

PERMITECH helped the client saved over 1 million dollars in additional parking spaces. We provided an efficient design to maximize the FAR for an IL (rezoned by PERMITECH) zone. Working with the City's Transportation and City's Development Planner and our Transportation Engineer, we were able to reduce over 50% of the require parking stalls, minimized the set-back and landscape requirement, maximized the footprint of the building therefore maximized the FAR which resulted in large amount of savings and more profit for our client. Development Permit was achieved in 4 months.

The project is currently in construction documentation and costing stage and will be ready for Building permit shortly.


Sushi Bar Restaurant Development and Building Permit Approved

We have just finished a full set of working drawings/construction documents for a sushi restaurant here in Edmonton. The restaurant consist of 40 seats with 4 staffs with a full commercial kitchen and a sushi bar. Permitech also successfully achieved development permit for the client in 2.5 months. The work also included a preparation of Parking Demand Report and negotiation with Edmonton City's Official.

Consultants also involved were structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. Project is currently being finalized with the Building Permit and also in tendering. Learn more about the project here.



The new Boss restaurant in south Edmonton. PERMITECH provided Development Permit and Building Permit services. Learn more >>
Toi Shan Building located near the Edmonton downtown area. PERMITECH provided both Developement Permit and Building Permit services to the project.
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Brandon Court condo. A 3.5 storey walk-up condo in Edmonton downtown area. PERMITECH provided Edmonton Develoment Permit services for the project.
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Royal Alex Plaza. A 4 storey walk-up condo in Edmonton downtown area. PERMITECH provided the design and Edmonton Develoment Permit services for the project.
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Development Permit services was provided to Edmonton's Garden Bakery Restaurant.
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Development Permit services was provided to Centennial Billard in Edmonton.
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Development Permit and Building Permit services were provided to Kingsway Jewellers store in Kingsway Mall in Edmonton.
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